Post Grand Tournament Meta

Top Grand Tournament Cards

Changing the Meta with the new Grand Tournament Set

Top Grand Tournament Cards

Since yesterday all Hearthstone cards of the upcoming expansion, the major tournament are known. Which will have the greatest impact on the new deck of them?

Meanwhile, all 132 cards from the major tournament are known and can be played this month in Hearthstone. Unlike in goblins vs. GNOME’s there this time many cards with unique effects, which drastically increases the chance, at least, that the meta by is stirred properly. Or will’s result at the end of it, that the strong decks will be even stronger and stifle new creations in the bud? We take a look at the 10 most promising cards.

10th place: The shaman receives this time many interesting cards, seems to be elemental destruction but most outstanding. For only 3 Mana Shaman can damage 4-5 the entire field. Through its high overload (5), the player must but in buying take, on the next move probably completely refrain from, if he has no cards for 0 Mana, or the cost of Lavaschock can pay.

9th place: Also Paladins can enjoy new ways to play. No card but so effectively countering the advance of the enemy, such as Eadric of the pure. He sets the attack power of all enemies for 7 mana to 1 and is thus perfect if one just has no equal consecration combo or pyromaniac equality combo on the hand. At the same time, this map could ensure that plaintive soul is often played to release Eadrics effect.

8th place: Aviana joins the Druids and is for abundant chaos and ensure especially panicked moments of the opponent. If we succeed, early to play the winged Lady (by stimulating, alarm-o-bot, death Prince, etc.) she can have absolutely devastating effects on the opponent team. Already circulating decks on the Internet with a “one turn kill” can be created and the addon is not even released. At the same time the map is highly susceptible to the faceless manipulator and can quickly ensure that the enemy is seize the advantage.

Seat 7: Especially fascinated, I’m hiss pop of the Warlock of the possibilities of Wilfred. He makes on the field for that any map drawn by “Bleeding” 0 cost mana to play. This is true not only for the Giants, but also for devastating Dragon, Lord Jaraxxus, Mal ‘ Ganis or rarely seen cards of like whirling nether. Above all this is an incentive to pronounce from the two most popular deck plans and time to play anything other than Handlock or Zoo.

Seat 6: For Fund Ecks I have bookmarked the priest map of confessor Paletress me in any case. Whether she really can shake through the meta, I dare not predict, but alone, the possibilities are virtually limitless, since she can call not only neutral legendary servant, but also those of the other classes. The ludicrous combinations will provide memorable moments in any case alone, and this should be incentive for the theory crafter to build interesting decks to the light-believers Argent Lady.

Place 5: one so far – in my opinion – underestimated map is the neutral servant of tournament Medic. Which allows many decks interesting counterattack against rush opponents and priest benefit with their cards even if they incorporate specific healing light guardian or champion Holy cards in their decks. Then, it takes maybe a single move, until the opponent helpless flees from the match. At the same time, this could generate but also a rush/control-hybrid version – an innovation for priests who usually score in the Terrans.

4rd place: The Kodoreiterin will be in almost every non-Rushdeck a useful extension. If it is played until round 8 and directly raises the effect of their inspiration, it has paid off already (6/10 for 8 mana). Any further use of the hero ability then multiplied their usefulness. The summoned minions are with 3/5 just so strong that you can not ignore them and gets quite difficult from the field. Especially in the arena of absolute Renner will be the map.

3rd place: Nexus champion Saraad is my 3rd place. He has a high random factor though, because there’s a completely random magic hand – but more is always better, right? With its values of 4/5 for 5 Mana, he also still “very good” is to a 5-Mana-Platz in the deck to show and to be played when there is just no other options. Pulling magic out of him, then 1-2 may really strong equal, fireball or similar, I see before me, how to take even Rushdecks Saraad, just to in case of necessity to provide.

2nd place: Bolf Ramshield is very interesting for several reasons. The one he has with 3/9 relatively unusual values, on the other hand, he is a thrilling counter-attacking opportunities against a variety of Rushdecks! Because even if magic or heroic abilities (I you look at, Rexxar) go straight to the “face”, the damage of Bolf is caught. The whole thing gets better, hidden itself behind a further tank Bolf or gives him – than double stealth holds as we know better.

1st place: As probably little else expected Justicar TRUEHEART occupied the number 1 on my list. It replaces your old hero ability through a significantly better – until the end of the game. It is more or less the essence of what makes the big tournament: A card extension around the various abilities of the hero. Absolutely every class benefits from it and makes a “Yay, hero ability!” from a “damn, I need to use my hero ability” situation -Moment. Only Hunter not quite so much benefit from it – but you already have rush potential, which is why I can identify with this decision.

What do you think, what cards will most affect the meta? To which card do you make a private deck best? Demon-sorcerer or do you prefer mill-rogue? Check our complete set review and tell us what you think of the new cards.