The League of Explorers Adventure Revealed

The League of Explorers Adventure

Blizzard Unveils the new Hearthstone Adventure called “The League of Explorers”

The League of Explorers Adventure

Blizzard is currently celebrating all of its various games and products on stage at its annual BlizzCon event, and Hearthstone fans were given their share of the action with the announcement of a new single-player adventure, The League of Explorers. It’ll become Hearthstone’s third single-player expansion and fifth expansion overall. Blizzard first experimented with the form with Curse of Naxxramas in July 2014, and the company released follow-up Blackrock Mountain in April of this year.

Hearthstone’s single-player adventures take players through a series of progressively difficult “wings” and reward them with zany legendary cards for their efforts. They also include groups of “class challenges” that invite players to complete battles using strange, specific pre-constructed decks. The League of Explorers will be framed around a treasure hunt for something called the Staff of Origination, a “priceless, ancient artifact.” Most of its cards have yet to be revealed, but they’ll introduce a new mechanic called Discover that allows players to “dig up cards and select the one [they] need the most.”

Check the new Cards for League of Explorer during the Blizzcon event

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During a League of Explorers: A Hearthstone Adventure panel at Blizzcon today, Hearthstone senior game designer Ben Brode took to the stage to give details of the upcoming adventure for Blizzard’s collectible-card battler.

In all, 45 new cards will be introduced to the game through the League of Explorers adventure, some of which will drastically alter the way players think about and build their decks. There are 4 wings to the adventure, which sees a team of explorers seek out the Staff of Origination, with each wing having a new set of cards and bosses.

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