Hearthstone Warrior Guide

Master the Warrior Class with this Hearthstone Guide

Hearthstone Warrior Guide

Currently the best class for a strong and consistent control deck is the Warrior. With so many aggro decks around that can wreck your day like the face-hunter and it’s variants the warrior offers the best counter against such strategies. If you decide to go the control deck route this is the best class to base your deck upon. The warrior is the class with the most┬ásurvivability due to it’s special abilities that enable him to get armor and absorb damage. The warrior also has some very strong lategame finishers that are very hard for your opponent to counter.

Best Deck Archetypes

  • Control

Beginner’s Guide for the Warrior Class

Master the warrior class with this impressive Hearthstone Guide that will help you learn the game and improve your overall mechanics. Dominate the arena and ranked play like a true Hearthstone Legend. You can check our list of Hearthstone Guides reviewed by our blog and listed from order of relevancy.