Hearthstone Warlock Guide

How to Play the Warlock Correctly – The best Hearthstone guide for Warlock

Hearthstone Warlock Guide


Who doesn’t love to play the powerful Warlock and be able to dominate the early and the mid game like no other? The warlock is one of the top tier classes in Hearthstone and will continue to be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to climb the ladder quickly and have a strong match up against the majority of decks. From the well known murloc rush decks from the beta to the more refined control decks of the current meta the Warlock packs a powerful punch that can easily leave your opponent K.O.

This class instills fear into your opponents mind making them wonder what kind of warlock variant they are playing against. This can give you a subtle but important advantage as they try to adapt to your strategy and take a more defensive approach to the game fearing that you are playing a very aggressive deck. The warlock is a great choice for a more experienced player that knows how to exploit its full potential.

Best deck archetypes 

  • Warlock Aggro
  • Warlock Control

¬†Beginner’s Guide for the Warlock Class

If you are a new player or want to be able to learn everything needed to play this class like a true master we advise you to visit our post where we talk about the various strategy guides that you can find online here. This aren’t just informative manuals, they are useful tools created by some of the best TCG players that ever played this amazing game and will give you much needed insight into the best ways of playing Hearthstone at the highest level.