Hearthstone Rogue Guide

Master of Daggers – How to play the Rogue like a PRO

Hearthstone Rogue Guide

The Rogue can be a very dangerous class with some of the best combos and aggressive decks around that can quickly dispatch any incautious adversary. Tempo decks are a very good and viable strategy for this class, you get cheap minions that can give you back value and cheap removal spells that can take your opponent out of balance and give you a window of opportunity to finish them off. The Rogue is also one of the few classes that you can burst your opponent and kill them in a single turn with some powerful combinations like Leeroy Jenkins + Shadowstep. Overall the rogue is a well balanced choice if you want to play the aggressive role and dictate the pace of game.

Best Decks Archetypes

  • Aggro
  • Combo

Beginner’s Guide for the Rogue Class

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