Hearthstone Paladin Guide

How to Play the Paladin – Concise Hearthstone Guide

Hearthstone Paladin Guide

The paladin can be a very powerful class depending of the metagame and if played properly. With many strong creatures that can be used on a strong rush deck, their abilities like divine shield make them very resilient and difficult to kill, making a tempo based paladin deck a very strong choice to deal with the many control and heavy creature decks around. If you are pondering on playing with the paladin you should start by focusing on creating a deck that has a very refined mana-curve. Hitting the right drops at the right time is fundamental to be able to win with this class. Missing a drop or a removal spell can spell your doom and consequent defeat.

Best Decks Archetypes

  • Aggro
  • Paladin Control

Beginner’s Guide for the Paladin Class

Head to our Hearthstone Guides review page and find the best manual for you and your paladin deck. Keep in mind that this guides are created by professional players with lots of experience with TCG and know how to create strong and powerful decks that can really win.