Hearthstone Noobie Guide

Hearthstone Noobie Guide

Are you a complete beginner ? This Hearthstone Guide was made for you

Hearthstone Noobie Guide

“Hearthstone: Heros of Warcraft” is digital card game from Blizzard set in the Warcraft universe. While “Hearthstone” starts gamers off with a good tutorial, some tips and tricks can only be learned through time. Here are five tips for new “Hearthstone” players.


Know how to play defensively and counter-attack

When facing a creature who has played a taunt card, you cannot attack anything else until you kill the taunt card. The same works for an enemy trying to attack you. So make sure you use your taunts wisely and make sure to get rid of an enemy’s taunt.


Build your deck accordingly

Mana are the points you need to play cards. Some cards only cost one mana while others can cost you seven. While it’s good to always have a mix of low mana and high mana cards, sometimes low-cost cards can be good. It’s good to have low mana cards for the first few turns and high mana cards for the turns where you’re trying to kill your enemy.


How to make gold fast

In “Hearthstone, gold and dust are king. The game’s currency doesn’t have to be obtained by spending real money either. Gold can be obtained by winning three online matches, completing a daily quest and opening Arena prizes. To help you in this quest we will offer you the best arena guides available for you to be able to win with ease.

Dust is earned by sacrificing your own cards. You can then use what you earned from sacrificing a card to create more cards.


Don’t Purchase Boosters!

Why waste your gold on boosters when you can use it in the Arena for a chance to win more gold, dust, cards or a booster pack. When playing in the arena, win or lose, you’ll always get a reward.


Always complete your daily quests

You may think the game is bugging you with daily quest, but quests are the cheapest and quickest way to earn gold. For completing just three casual or ranked matches in Play Mode, you’ll be award 100 gold.