Hearthstone New Hero

Hearthstone New Hero

Hearthstone’s new murloc shaman hero requires friends to unlock

Hearthstone New HeroHearthstone New Hero Hearthstone New Hero

Looking from the outside in, Hearthstone can seem pretty intimidating. There are so many rules, And cards, And Britney Spears impressions. Which is probably why Blizzard has introduced the new Recruit A Friend feature to its digital card game via its latest update—an initiative that rewards current players when newcomers hit certain levels.

This is where new hero Morgl the Oracle comes in. He can’t be bought, you see, but can be unlocked once your new recruit hits level 20. For those unaware, Murlocs are Warcraft’s tiny fish-like folk who band around in large groups, make weird noises, and are largely tied to rush decks—meaning they swarm the board, buff each other as they go and give opponents little time to react.

Getting your pals on board is pretty straightforward too, explains Blizzard. With your Battle.net account, send a recruitment email to any mates who aren’t already playing Hearthstone. Once one friend hits level 20, Morgl will join your collection as a Shaman Hero; once the next four friends hit the same, you’ll receive a Classic card pack for each free-of-charge.

Hearthstone’s new hero, a murloc shaman, is unlocked by recruiting friends to the game

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard’s digital card game, hasn’t had a new hero portrait added since April, when the mage character Khadgar was available as part of an Earth Day promotion. Starting today, however, a new shaman hero is available, and it’s one of the most unique characters in the game thus far.

The new character is named Morgl the Oracle, and he’s a murloc. For those unfamiliar with World of Warcraft races, murlocs are fish people notorious for running in large groups and making really annoying gurgling sounds. In Hearthstone, murlocs have traditionally been associated with rush decks, where you flood the board with these fishy minions that buff each other up and take out your opponent before they can react.

While the initial round of Hearthstone heroes were available as in-game purchases, Morgl joins the more recent trend of characters that are unlocked through other means. In this case, he’s the main gift for participating in Hearthstone’s new recruit-a-friend program.

If you have a Battle.net account, you can send an e-mail recruiting any friends who aren’t already playing Hearthstone. If one of those friends reaches level 20, you’ll unlock Morgl for use on your account. For the next four friends who reach level 20, you’ll receive a free Classic card pack. We wish blizzard would just add more heroes to diversify the arena and constructed strategies.

That level 20 goal is a sum of the level of all your classes in the game, by the way. If you’re trying to recruit someone whose total levels, across all nine classes, already adds up to 20, it won’t work.