Hearthstone Meta analysis

What happened to the Hearthstone Meta after the release of “The League of Explorers” adventure ?

Hearthstone Meta analysis

We had plenty of discussions around the game’s development pace, with the developers responding to various player comments. We’ve also started having discussions on a possible Reno Jackson nerf down the line, a sign of how effective that card has been. You’ll also read about possible breakout stars of 2016, the best class cards of 2015, Blizzard’s battle against the ever-present issue of bots, and watch the most entertaining videos of the week. Not the busiest week, but definitely one with plenty of discussions and debates over the state of the game. Let’s start then, shall we?

In a very interesting video, Ben Brode discussed the (welcome) “problem” of working on a game with such a big and pretty devoted following. Among the issues Brode discussed was the importance of underpromising and then overdelivering features, and how the team is constantly working on a variety of features that they don’t announce for a variety of reasons (for instance, those features might end up getting dumped along the way). He acknowledged the importance of developers communicating with the community, but explained how tricky that communication can get. In an interesting note, he pointed out that they’ve been working on Tavern Brawl since before Hearthstone came out of beta. Check out the whole (short) video below.

Just Jeno Rackson get a big nerf ?

In an interesting article, Hearthhead asks whether we’ll see a Reno nerf down the line. This card has slowed the meta single-handledly and has either become a much-hated or much-loved card. Regardless of which side you fall, it’s hard to deny that Reno has had a major influence on the game since the first week of League of Explorers. While the card seems fine at the moment – the balance between its ability and the way it forces players to sacrifice consistency seems okay – many are suspecting that the card will become broken as more cards are added to the game. With sub-par cards seeing less and less play as better cards enter the game, having a highlander-style deck won’t have many drawbacks.

Reno will be a hard card to nerf because any change in its power will directly affect the card’s identity. If the healing is reduced, he’ll probably see much less play since the deck restrictions won’t be worth it anymore. What do you see in Reno’s future? Is a nerf inevitable, or do you think the restriction of having only one copy of a card in the deck is enough to balance this card for the (foreseeable) future?

Hearthstone Bots are still a thing

Apparently, many of those players beating you on Hearthstone aren’t even human; the game has a relatively-bad bot infestation, so much so that Blizzard once more talked about its efforts to take bots down. The company announced the other day that it continues to permanently ban accounts found to be using third-party programs that automate gameplay (what used to be called Face Hunter). Secret Paladin bots seem to be quite popular, so keep an eye out if you’re playing that deck. One way to recognize a bot is that it will play at the same pace throughout the game. If you believe you’re facing a bot, send an email to hacks@blizzard.com with your server, your opponent’s name and your BattleTag.