Hearthstone Mage Guide

Simple Hearthstone Guide for the Mage Class

Hearthstone Mage Guide

The cunning mage is no laughing matter. Play with fire and get roosted by a fireball to the face. This class has some very interesting mechanics that are very unique. With high damaging spells you can make competitive decks that revolve around burning out your opponents health points while protecting yourself with defensive spells like iceblock. The Mage can be a very annoying opponent with their secrets and freezing spells that serve only to delay your attacks while they gear up for a strong lategame combo. Mage rush decks are also a possibility with many variants emerging with the new mech cards giving it a much needed consistency. The majority of players use this class to create control decks to counter slower decks and have an edge against creature heavy mid range decks that have become increasingly popular.

Best deck archetypes 

  • Mech Mage
  • Control Mage
  • Combo-Control Mage

Beginner’s Guide for the Mage Class

If you are a new player and want to learn how to play the mage flawlessly you should check our collection of Hearthstone Guides and pick the one that best suits your needs. The mage has gained strength with the addition of new cards like DR.DOOM that enables mage players to be more aggressive with their crystals and resource management.