Hearthstone Druid Guide

Beginner’s Guide for the Druid Class

Hearthstone Druid Guide

The druid can be both defensively consistent and aggressive with many cards that can dish out lots of damage in a turn. The druid relies on big, strong creatures to counter aggressive decks and stall until the lategame where they can truly shine. Many variants of the druid deck have been tried but the one with the most success was undoubtedly the control decks with cards like the Ancient of Lore that give the druid the chance to be aggressive and defensive at the same time. Druid players have some cool tricks up their sleeve with combos like Force of Nature and Savage Roar that could potentially kill an opponent in a single turn.

Best deck archetypes

  • Druid Control
  • Druid Combo Deck
  • Mid-Range Aggro

Best guide to help you master the Druid Class

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